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Home Ports Update 3-5-14

Updated the Home Ports page with a large amount of data, which includes corrections to a number of erroneous references populating other sites. We will be using a link-checker that does a fair job of finding bad links in an effort to at least be notified when a site either goes down, or leaves the web. Such events might simply be a change of host or site name.

If you are a site owner and want to have your related web site listed, send an e-mail to ‘rcw -at-’ and we will add you.

If you see your site listed as OFF LINE, and have current info, we are looking for that, too! Send it!


WWCC Inc., First Day …

The rumors that the WWCC (Big Gun, San Jose) having sunk are false. Unless you want to get picky about names. Yes, WWCC is past. In its place is the new version of the club, with the little “inc” part tacked onto the end.

WWCC (inc) is alive and well.

I know.  I was there for Day One  – today.

Rob Wood invited me to come by. I brought my wife, and we enjoyed their kick-off luncheon with all kinds of great people. I even got to meet the current owner of my old ship, the Hindenberg (H-39).  The food was great, the raffel was a lot of fun with people digging through strips of tickets to see what they picked up. There were a couple father-son pairs, a smattering of wives and quite a few innovators, dealing with things like pump design, 3D parts printing and new ways to build superstructures. Quite a few awards were dished out, including one for innovation. This is an active club, and absolutely not sitting under a circle of bubbles spelling R.I.P..

WWCC Inc. sought to become an official non-profit so as to meet the requirements placed upon them by the city of San Jose. It brought back to my memory the efforts by Bill Kirwin of the AusBG, and his battle to get exemptions for bb-cannon use by all 7 territories in Australia. Epic effort on his part. Entirely successful. The new configuration of the club opened a few doors of which they were previously unaware. Rob spoke on that and mentioned that being compelled to move in a new direction sometimes presents opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Some of the new realizations are actually very beneficial to the club. What some meant for evil, is now doing them good.

The birth of version 2.0 of the club was exciting to see. Coming from me, a guy that sought to get some rules adjustments made back in the North American Standard Rules days, this was refreshing. The effort to get all Big Gun clubs to use the same rule set failed then, since then, and yet again; but after reviewing the current WWCC set, I can see that some alterations moved closer to the other guys. All in all, I was very happy to meet them after such along time and be included with such good humor.

rcw is getting a new home… has moved locations as of March 1, 2014, and is undergoing a complete rebuild.  We will be tearing it apart and putting it all back together over the next couple weeks. So, don’t expect any real solidity to this thing for a bit!

Meanwhile, here’s the opener to the old site, for nostalgia purposes…


In back yards and ponds across the world, gun-armed warships of 60 to 100 years ago still battle each other for dominance of the seas. Have you heard the call of battle?
Do you long to join the fight?? If so . . . .

Welcome aboard!

In Big Gun R/C Warship Combat, captains from around the world build, fight and sink, R/C scale model warships. Ships are armed with CO2-powered CANNONS that blast steel ball bearings into their enemies. Any ship laid down from 1900 – 1946 can play. These real fighting models are built to 1/144 scale, so the average battleship measures between 5 and 6 feet long! Armor thickness and gun calibers vary depending on what the prototype carried. Water pumps are used to control battle damage. As long as your ship can pump the water overboard, all is fine. But when the water rushes in faster than the pump can handle…you have two choices; get your ship home, or sink!

This site is devoted to all Big Gunners internationally, and to the task of spreading the word about our sport. We are happy to include information about your club, either existing or forming. So, pass on what you have, and we’ll see to it that the word gets out.

The Big Gun Homepage has been bombarding the Web since 12-02-95.